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09/09/2020 Astrological Forecast from Valeria Karat

09-09-2020 Astrological Forecast from Enchantress Valeria Karat

The current year, which has brought many trials to humanity, continues to amaze us with its surprises. Numerology this time. Let me remind you that today is the mirror date – 09/09/2020. This day will be filled with all sorts of surprises – pleasant and not so much. It will bring good luck to representatives […]


Why do I warn in advance and what needs to be done⠀It will last from September 10 to November 14. This time we will have a particularly unpleasant period of retrograde Mars.⠀What will happen during this period?⠀· During this time, our activity will decrease. Our energy, initiative and thirst for action will slow down⠀· We […]

Astrological forecast for September 2020 from Enchantress Valeria Karat

Well, my dears, summer has come to an end, and a golden autumn awaits us ahead 🍂 Many asked what to expect from September?In short, in general September will be no less aggressive than August ⚡️⠀🍁The first week is not the best for financial undertakings and investments. ⠀🍁Also, it is in the first week that […]