Workshop - Magic Stones and Crystals

Workshop Magic Stones and Crystals

1 day - $150/ 2 days - $250

It can be said that there has been an affinity towards stones and crystals since the beginning of time. Talismans and Amulets can be dated back to ancient times.  Ancient Sumerians were dated as the first historical reference to use crystals in magic.

During Renaissance times a variety of medical treatments began with various semi-precious gemstones.  There have also been many sightings of gems and crystals in religious texts. Today we don’t use crystals and gems medicinally, but they hold a lot of meaning and healing powers. Through old traditions crystals and gemstones have re-emerged today as a strong healing method.  They can be used to heal your mind, body and soul.  Our bodies as well as healing stones have their own energetic vibration, which makes us receptive to their vibrations. Understanding how they work and what they mean can help create and alignment in our bodies.

Workshop Description

Our crystals and gems can serve as a tool to help you achieve fulfillment and harmony in your hearts and minds.  This workshop will help you understand how to program your gems and crystals with the intentions of healing and/or transformation. The mind is an extremely powerful thing and we will explain how to set direct energy and intentions into your stones.  This workshop will show you what stone is right for you, which can bring you love, and how you can use it for stratus, finance, love, and healing. We will explain how stones correlate with your element as well as your yin and yang. Wearing a certain metal can he used for specific outcomes. This one-day workshop will teach you which gems and crystals are right for you!

This information is for educational and entertainment purpose only.

* Anyone who completes this workshop will receive 25% off entire purchase of gemstones and crystals they buy in our store. (Valid day of workshop only) 

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