Dear valued customer,

After a great deal of careful consideration, we are temporarily closing our physical store. That is the right thing for our community. Our online store is open. We offer home delivery for most items.

You can continue to support our business and our incredible employees by making online purchases from our website. We are actively monitoring online orders and responding to customer emails during this temporary interruption in normal business. We may not be available to answer phone calls.

One way you can help us right away is to buy a gift card today. This helps us keep our cash flow going during the upcoming weeks. You can use gift cards as soon as our store opens. Your choice to support our small business is tremendously important to all of us and we look forward to seeing you once normal business resumes.


 The Enchantment Palace Team 

Enchantment Palace Gates - Store Temporarily Closed
Valeria Karat - Queen of Enchantment Palace in Brooklyn


Enchantment Palace was created for those who follow their own unique path in life, actively changing reality, not being afraid, at the same time, be fully responsible for their own actions – not before people, but before the universe itself.

  • Enchantment Palace is a store for witches: by profession, vocation, and attitude. It has everything a witch needs in his or her daily life and adored work.
  • We offer weekend workshops: Numerology, Aura & Chakras, Tarot Cards, Feminine Magic, Understanding Stones & Crystals.
  • Enchantment Palace offers Karat Magic Family membership in 3 Tiers: Karat, Diamond and Sapphire Access.

You can find all kinds of Mystical and Wicca products in our store in Brooklyn, New York or on-line shop.

** All items were magically enhanced with good intentions by Enchanted Queen Valeria Karat.

Aura scanning and photography

Aura Scanning and Photography

$60 per session


Aura photography is a biofeedback imaging system that provides a visual understanding of your electromagnetic energy field. An aura photo gives insight to your inner self. The color of your Aura is reflective of your spiritual, physical, and emotional well being. Your physical being has layers of energy called an Aura, which vibrates on a high frequency.

Your aura can change depending on your health and mood. Ever wonder why being around certain people gives you an anxious feeling while being around other people gives you a more calming feeling. This concept has a lot to do with a person’s vibe and energy. There are seven layers of your aura that correlate with the seven chakras in your body.

Aura photography will give you insight into which layers of your Aura need work and how to balance your seven layers.

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