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Once, students noticed a horseshoe hanging over the door of Physics Professor Niles Bore. Students asked why, because this professor always said he wasn’t superstitious. The Professor answered: “Of course I am not superstitious but, as they say, even if you don’t believe, it will help you”.

Bear Claw Amulet Witchcraft Store Brooklyn NY

Each member of my family has their own talismans (in Russia they were called “obereg”). I am sure they protected us in difficult situations and not just once.

Talismans are different. It can be a pendant around your neck, bracelet, semiprecious stone that you carry around in your pocket and many others. But it is also very important where you got your talisman. A lot depends on the energy in the talisman. I find all these necessities in the store “Enchantment Palace”.

All the talismans and amulets are made by and enchanted by the Sorceress Valeria Karat but if you would like your  own individual talisman, you should Contact us Valeria Karat and she will prepare a talisman for you based on your date of birth and zodiac sign.

Moreover, Valeria Karat will explain how to get rid of accumulated negative energy from your talisman. I hope that you will find your talisman to be a reliable protector since they protect everyone – from infants to the elderly.

Be well and prosperous.

Order your personalized Amulet and Talismans from our famous Witchcraft Store in Brooklyn NY.

Store location: 1965 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11223 or online: www.enchantmentpalace.com


Bafomet Pendant with Chain Wicca Amulet from Witchcraft Store in Brooklyn NY

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