The Magic of Black Candles & Ritual Uses

Black Ritual Candles Magic Metaphysical Supply Boutique Brooklyn NY

The color black symbolizes punishment and retribution. Candles molded from pools of its rich and impenetrable darkness can at first appear frightening, but if you dare to peek beyond the curtain of what you think you know, you’ll discover a detailed and intricate history.

Ritual Candle Human Scull Black 4 Inch Witchcraft Store Brooklyn NYBlack ritual candles are primarily used by mages in magic rituals, but regular people use them every day for an assortment of reasons you’d never expect: décor, meditation, mourning, and even cleaning! But only those that’d braved the edge between our reality and worlds unknown can tell you of their greatest powers. Let us explain why black candles are nothing to be afraid of, and how they can in fact benefit your well-being—spiritual and physical.

Black candles absorb surrounding negative energy to heal your most crippling ailments and restore psychic clarity. Using them in concert with herbs and essential oils can even lift curses and misfortune. As such, they are used to protect the wholesome and punish the wicked.

Using Black Candles in Rituals.

To punish an evildoer who has hurt you, you must first clear your heart and mind—they should be as cold and dispassionate as possible. Only then is it safe to light a black candle.

Ritual Candle Star Cone Black Handmade 8x2 Inch from Witchcraft Store Brooklyn NYIt is imperative you do not begin the process while in an angry or uncertain state. Otherwise, you run a grave risk to yourself and your loved ones, for vengeance conjured in rage strikes not only its intended victims, but its source as well.

After you’ve calmed your thoughts and feelings, peer into the flame and imagine the face of the one who’s done you harm. State to yourself the committed offense and demand that justice be delivered. Do not be afraid that you will unleash something evil. Retribution can only be proportionate to the crime’s severity.

Ritual Kit Home Ultimate Metaphysical Supply Boutique Brooklyn NYBlack candles can also alleviate temptations, like smoking, drinking, overeating, and gambling.

Black Ritual candles used right could banish negative energy from your home or office space.

To perform Home Cleansing and Protection Ritual in order to thoroughly cleanse your home and defend it from pernicious forces, you will need a cauldron (or shell), sage (loose or stick), palo santo, gemstones—such as, tourmaline, selenite wand and rose quartz—and, of course, the ritual candles themselves.

We put together complete kit for your home ritual. If you have questions about our signature this ritual and order custom Black Candle made specifically for you, contact us.

Black Candles & Spiritual realm

But if what pains you is neither betrayal nor vice, and if what you seek is not retribution but connection to the afterlife, you can use any NEW black candles but for best outcome you need custom Black Ritual Candle Angel. Light the candle and imagine the face of the deceased. Call their name. The flame will oscillate and you will feel the touch of another world. Focus and repeat to yourself the reason for making contact. Then, prepare to quietly listen. Inside yourself, from the very depths of your soul, you will hear an answer. If you are sensitive to the spiritual realm, you will distinguish their world from ours and see the face of the summoned.

Candle Ritual Angel Black from Witchcraft Store in Brooklyn NYIf you are a Capricorn or an Aquarius, black candles provide a special degree of protection.

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All thoughts are material. Therefore, whether the Universe hears you depends solely on you.

Be well and prosper.

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