09/09/2020 Astrological Forecast from Valeria Karat

09-09-2020 Astrological Forecast from Enchantress Valeria Karat

The current year, which has brought many trials to humanity, continues to amaze us with its surprises. Numerology this time. Let me remind you that today is the mirror date – 09/09/2020. This day will be filled with all sorts of surprises – pleasant and not so much. It will bring good luck to representatives […]


Why do I warn in advance and what needs to be done⠀It will last from September 10 to November 14. This time we will have a particularly unpleasant period of retrograde Mars.⠀What will happen during this period?⠀· During this time, our activity will decrease. Our energy, initiative and thirst for action will slow down⠀· We […]

Astrological forecast for September 2020 from Enchantress Valeria Karat

Well, my dears, summer has come to an end, and a golden autumn awaits us ahead 🍂 Many asked what to expect from September?In short, in general September will be no less aggressive than August ⚡️⠀🍁The first week is not the best for financial undertakings and investments. ⠀🍁Also, it is in the first week that […]

New Unique Ritual Candles Collection

Unique Handmade Candles Rituals from Magick & Spiritual Boutique Brooklyn NY

Introducing New Unique Ritual Candles Collection of handmade Pillar Candles we created under guidance of our Enchantress Valeria Karat. These candles were made exclusively for Enchantment Palace and are not available anywhere else. You can find special Ritual Candles in our magick boutique for any ritual. We can also customize candles to give it even […]

Ritual Taper Candles with special herbs.

Ritual Taper Candles with special herbs from Metaphysical Supply Boutique from Brooklyn NY

By special requests from our customers we created this new collection of Exclusive Taper Ritual Candles with our signature special herbal blends for Money, Protection, Clarity and Love Rituals. We also offering you basic instruction to perform simple rituals and general guidelines for rituals. Green Taper Ritual Candle with Herbs for Money Ritual We have […]

Green Ritual Candles & Success. Part 2

Green Ritual Candles Meaning and Rituals - Enchantment Palace

Success Rituals with Green Candles Green Ritual candles also attract success, something we all desire in our lives. All of us have dreams and things we want to accomplish. Wiccan, for example, use green candles in their rituals to attract success. Here is a Basic Success Spell for you to try: First, get a printed […]

Green Candles & Money Rituals

Money Ritual from Valeria Karat Metaphysical Supply Boutique in Brooklyn NY

Green symbolizes fortune, fertility, and harvest. Using this color in a ritual will reap health, success, healing, and rejuvenation. Popular Green Ritual Candles Forms Round (Pillar)Circles connote unity, infinity, and female power. Round candles are ideal for rituals intended to protect friendships, create and strengthen romantic relationships, consecrate premises, and generate wealth. Square (Cubic)Squares represent […]

Red Skull Ritual Candle

Red Skull Ritual Candle Love Spells

Red, skull-shaped ritual candles are used in a variety of rituals, but its primary use is to control the thoughts and influence the actions of others. Oral traditions and western literature have long associated skulls with death, mortality, and evil, but a burning red candle in the shape of a skull alleviates obstacles and negative […]

Red Candles: Meaning and Ritual Uses

Red Candles Meaning Rituals from Metaphysical Supply Store Brooklyn NY

In a ritual or spell, burning a Red Ritual Candle invokes the element of Fire and releases an intense and transformative energy. Red candles are ideal for protection, purification, love, and strength. The color red symbolizes life, love, and passion. It is associated with the sun and, therefore, with creation; it is the color of […]

The Magic of Black Candles & Ritual Uses

Black Ritual Candles Magic Metaphysical Supply Boutique Brooklyn NY

The color black symbolizes punishment and retribution. Candles molded from pools of its rich and impenetrable darkness can at first appear frightening, but if you dare to peek beyond the curtain of what you think you know, you’ll discover a detailed and intricate history. Black ritual candles are primarily used by mages in magic rituals, […]