How to Clean & Protect Your House Energy with Sage Smudging

How to clean your hose energy - Sage with herbs from Witchcraft Supply Store

During this difficult time for all of us, we are trying to protect ourselves and our loved ones. We scrupulously clean our home, using all methods accessible to us.

But aside from physical cleaning, I suggest you to clean the energy of your home or office and set protection from negative impact at your space. It is known that smudging and burning a candle helps to clear the space of all negative energy.

In order to conduct a home cleaning ritual you will need a heat-resistant container like Cauldron or Abalone Shell and Loose Sage.

Take any heat-resistant container. I prefer a deep seashell or Abalone Shell. You can also use Cast Iron with Handle for the next step, that calls smudging.

Place small amount of Loose Sage herb in it and light it with a match. When smoke appears, put out the flame. You need to walk clockwise throughout the space you are cleansing, while holding the container of your choice.

Don’t forget to look in all the corners, where energy accumulates. Then put out the smoldering herb and make sure you pour out the remains on the ground outside. As such, you have now united 4 natural forces: fire, water, air, and earth. You will see how easier it will be to breathe in your home.

You can also use special Ritual Kit Home protection kit with all right tools for best results. This kit was created and magically enhanced by Valeria Karat with love and good intentions.

Home Cleaning & Protection Ritual Kit contain:

I do this frequently myself, especially if a hostile person visited my home or office and shop for all the necessary metaphysical supply in this online store: Enchantment Palace in Brooklyn NY

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