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Aura Photography Service


Aura photography is a biofeedback imaging system that provides a visual understanding of your electromagnetic energy field. An aura photo gives insight to your inner self. The color of your Aura is reflective of your spiritual, physical, and emotional wellbeing.  Your physical being has layers of energy called an Aura, which vibrates on a high frequency. Your aura can change depending on your health and mood. Ever wonder why being around certain people gives you an anxious feeling while being around other people gives you a more calming feeling.  This concept has a lot to do with a person’s vibe and energy. There are seven layers of your aura that correlate with the seven chakras in your body. Aura photography will give you insight into which layers of your Aura need work and how to balance your seven layers. 



Our Aura photography system uses a hand sensor biofeedback scanner. You begin by placing one hand on a sense and looking directly into the camera.  This will allow our system to measure your biofeedback parameter. Your hand has a few contact points that are directly connected with certain organs as well as allow our sensor to measure your electromagnetic field. Your Aura will be interpreted and read in one minute and then the system will generate a 20+page report. This very detailed report will provide information about the color and health of your Aura. By receiving an addition full energy reading experience our specialist will go over in detail your reports. You will discuss what vibe you give off and what levels need work. You will discuss discuss stress levels, elemental balance, yin-yang balance, male and female energy levels and much more. We will also provide a printed and emailed version of your experience. 


This information is for educational and entertainment purpose only. For ANY medical or therapeutic diagnosis, please consult your health care professionals.