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Feedback from our customers

“Monaeo has been excellent and completely served my needs. I have successfully finished a NY State audit and have changed my primary domicile. I thank you for the 3+ years of fantastic service. It was helpful in my audit.”
– Jeff, President, Publicly Traded Hospitality Company
“As a semi-retired physician who is fortunate enough to be able to share my time between Florida and New York, I was looking for a simple yet reliable way to document my physical location for purposes of residency determination and potential audit defense. Monaeo has not only met my expectations in this regard but has added additional value and peace of mind, making it a must-have for me and my financial advisors. I am very impressed with the features and functionality of this product. With Monaeo, I can be assured that I have an auditable, trackable record of my physical location, along with alerts and reminders as I approach threshold dates.”
– Jamie, M.D., Radiologist
“I have used the Monaeo product for close to four years and found it to be a critical tool for accurately tracking my day count in different geographies. The Monaeo dashboard is graphically easy to understand and is extremely reliable. Monaeo was very helpful in verifying my physical presence. I highly recommend this tool for anyone seeking to keep accurate tracking information of their travels.”
– Robert, Retired Executive of Fortune 500 Company
“Monaeo is the best. Having been a customer since September 2015, I am extremely satisfied with the program and the quick response from management when requested. Great company.”
– Jim, Retired Executive of Fortune 500 Company

Feedback from tax advisors that use Monaeo with their clients

“My client was just selected for audit again by New York State. You may recall that his 2013 audit was resolved efficiently and successfully by submitting the Monaeo summary data and then a single quarter of Monaeo detailed data. I am confident that this audit will go just as smoothly.”
– Alan J. Preis, CPA, PC
“I’ll tell you about one of the recent cases that I had – a client who lived in Connecticut and who worked both at his corporation’s offices in Connecticut and also at their offices here in Manhattan. That was a problem because he had to be able to prove that he wasn’t in New York too many days. How do we prove what day he worked in Connecticut and what day he worked in New York? There were days where he’d start his day in Connecticut and end his day in New York. We had had an audit for this individual maybe three or four years ago and it didn’t end very well. Then this client was advised about Monaeo. And for the second audit, the combination of Monaeo and the records demonstrating where he was each and every moment of each and every day, the audit was resolved very quickly and there was a no change, which means he won completely.”
– Mark Klein, Chairman, Hodgson Russ, LLP
“For auditors, Monaeo makes residency cases much more black-and-white. We often see cases settle based on the strength of the documentation provided. Before Monaeo, it was frustrating knowing that technology should be capable of pulling this documentation together for our clients, yet nothing was out there. I have now seen what Monaeo can do, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. From the accuracy of the location data, to the sheer volume of information it is capable of retaining, it has surpassed our expectations.”
– Kristine, Tax Advisor and Former New York State Residency Auditor
“The burden of proof is on us. Essentially, we have to prove a negative. For instance, if you have a number of days where there’s no proof that the taxpayer was in New York, but there’s no proof that they were in Vermont or in Massachusetts or in Florida, the auditors are going to say, ‘The taxpayer was in New York because you haven’t proved to me that they were not.’ Well, can you do that with a calendar that you would create yourself? No. Because auditors think you could put anything you want on a calendar. None of those records can help you prove the negative. The nail fits in there.”
– Tim Noonan, Partner and NYS Residency Practice Leader, Hodgson Russ LLP
“We often have complete knowledge of our clients’ financial matters, investment accounts, etc. yet, ironically, we have always struggled with having visibility into something as basic as the time they spend in different locations. With Monaeo we’re able to offer our clients a solution to help with the inefficient and ineffective day count related record keeping process. We also expect the visibility into our clients’ situation to help considerably enhance our value-add throughout the tax year with alerts and up-to-date day counts, as well as drive towards the best possible outcomes when it comes to residency and allocation audits with the detailed auditable reports Monaeo provides. For the first time, I’ll be able to pick up the phone to my clients around 3Q/4Q of each year and warn them, if they are getting close to the 183 day mark, to stay out of a particular city or state and thus avoid statutory residency issues, as opposed to waiting until the following year to get their records only to find out it’s too late. I also expect to not have to put our resources and credibility with the tax authorities at risk each year.”
– Rosario J. Ruffino, CPA, CFP®, Managing Partner, Mariner Wealth Advisors, LLC New York City

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