White Ritual Candles & Magic

White Ritual Candles Magic

White color is the symbol of protection and cleansing; therefore, white candles are used in rituals with good intentions. They are usually used in magic of purifying, balancing energy and healing.

Candle Ritual Angel White 6 Inch from Witchcraft Store in Brooklyn NYWhite color is often used in rituals at the beginning of something new and positive. Why white candles are used more often, especially if performing magic ritual at home? It is the easiest way, and most important, even if you did it wrong, it will not be harmful and will not reverse the action. White Ritual Candles are often used by mages to improve lunar energy because all magic is connected to the moon cycle.

Simple & Effective White Candle Ritual.

Choose and Light White Candle when it is hard on the soul, when doubts and uncertainty torment you, when you lost someone you loved, when comfort and warmth have disappeared from your house.

Candle Ritual Cat White 5 Inch from Witchcraft Store Brooklyn NYWalk around the house with a candle, illuminate all the dark corners with it, let light penetrate everywhere. And then sit in front of the candle, peer into its flame, feel its purity, and you can tell it your grief and doubts. You will find it much easier and faster to find a solution and your mood will improve.

Protect people born under Cancer sign.

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