Workshop - Magic Of The 4 Elements: Earth, Air, Fire & Water

Workshop Magic Of The 4 Elements; Earth, Air, Fire & Water by Valeria Karat

1 day - $150/ 2 days - $250

The four magic elements known as Earth, Air, Water and Fire are the building blocks of life.  These four elements are universal and contain the energy of the world around us. The four elements not only manifest energy but can also influence our personalities. There are 12 zodiac signs but only 4 elements of nature. Understanding the magic within these elements will help tap into our intrinsic powers.  We see these elements all around us daily and feel how each one influences our lives.  It is important to learn the harmony between the elements and how they can co-exist within us.

Workshop Description

This workshop has been created to understand the magic involving the 4 elements of nature.

Day 1 will be dedicated to understanding the Air and Fire elements. Day 2 will be dedicated to the Earth and Water elements. Tapping into the energy manifesting in each element will give us a better understanding of how money, harmony, karmic peace, and love play a role in our path. We will cover topics such as how the sun and various moon cycles can affect different elements. We will also discuss the different practical examples of each element.

For example channeling the Fire element will allow how to better assert yourself, the water element will allow you to become more empathic, the Air element channels intelligence, and the Earth element strengthens your rational thinking.  Learning about the elements and engaging with them will help us balance our lives as well as channel our intuitions.

NOTE: This information is for educational and entertainment purpose only.

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